Meet the Badges

July 07, 2019

There are several ways Array helps small businesses stand out. One of those ways, are our badges. Badges help to highlight specific features or accomplishments of a small business that could be of importance to the consumer/client. 


There are a total of 10 badges. Two of them are earned while the remaining are specific highlights. In this article you’ll learn what each badge represents, helping you find a business aligned with what’s important to you or choose the appropriate badges for your small business. 


Let’s meet the badges;


  1. CAIS VERIFIED BADGE; this badge is earned after a small business completes our verification process. This process allows CAIS (creators of Array) to verify for consumers that the business is legitimate. 

  2. CUSTOMER APPROVED; small businesses earn this badge by receiving 5 or more reviews and averaging a 3.5 star rating or better. This badge can be lost if the rating drops below 3.5 stars. 

  3. CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION; non profits and small businesses that provide a portion of their profits to charity can proudly select this badge. When you see this badge you know that supporting this business means supporting communities as well.

  4. ECO FRIENDLY; in today’s world it’s so important to put our ecosystem first. Small businesses sport this badge on their listing when they make efforts to recycle, use/make eco friendly products or educate customers/clients about eco friendly methods.

  5. KIDPRENEUR; entrepreneurs keep getting younger it seems, so we saw it fitting to highlight this businesses owned/operated by a kidpreneur. Looking to support the next generation? Find a small business with this badge.

  6. WOMAN OWNED; behind every great business there’s a strong woman...or something like that. Now you can find businesses being run by women with more ease. 


  7. MINORITY OWNED; in many communities it is ever important to support minority groups. A great way to do this is by patronizing businesses owned/operated by minorities. This badge makes it easy to find and support minority owned brands. 

  8. VETERAN OWNED; they’ve supported us and our freedoms and now we can support them in their business. Look for this badge and support our veterans.


  9. LGBTQ OWNED; discrimination is still at large for the LGBTQ community. But it won’t stop entrepreneurs from showing some pride with this badge. Love wins when we support all people. 

  10. VEGAN; health is a top priority these days as more comes out about what’s really in our food and products. Businesses using vegan ingredients in their restaurants, or products show consumers by adding this badge to their listing. 


Now that you’ve met the badges look for them on listings, and choose those that fit your listing best. 

For small businesses please note that only paid listings can add badges. You can list your business here.