How to Add A Deal

August 06, 2019

There are several ways to enhance your Array listing. One of the most efficient being to add a deal. Deals are promotions/offers that you’re currently holding. Adding a deal to your listing makes it more attractive to customers searching on Array. Here’s how to add one…

  1. Log into your account

    • To log into your account go to the home page and select log in at the top right of the screen, and enter your user informattion
    • If you have not created a listing yet select the advertise menu or click here and add your listing today. For more on ow to list your business prior to adding a deal read this article
  2. Go to your sponsor area/dashboard

  3. Under the listing you want to add a deal to select “Add Deal”                                                                             

  4. Add the details

    1. Name the listing

    2. Add a description

      1. This is a good place to tell users how to redeem the deal

    3. Select begin and end dates

    4. Add photos

    5. Include price

    6. SEO

      1. Don’t skip this step, it will help your deal be found outside of Array as well!

  5. Save and preview

    1. Once saved your deal will appear under the Explore tab.

If this article didn't help you add a deal tou your listing please email our support team at