Guest Blogging and Article Rules

August 06, 2019


Guest blogging is a great avenue for content curators to share their message across multiple platforms. As a small business finding websites that offer guest blogging not only helps get your message shared but also improves your SEO ranking off-site. No we aren’t going to go into a whole spill about Search Engine Optimization here but we are going to tell you how Array is more than just a small business directory where you can list your small business for free. We’re also a platform for you to increase the awareness of your brand, product and service.


To help you increase your brand’s awareness we allow for bloggers to add their content to Array, and if you also have a business listing you can link the article back to the listing that it’s associated with.


No listing? No problem, you can also link videos, websites, or images. 


Approved Categories;


Being that our platform is for small businesses, we prefer that content shared by guest bloggers be relevant to small business owners/supporter. 


  • Economics

    • Supporting small businesses has a positive impact on local economies which stretches into the national economy. Bloggers with insight and knowledge on current and projected economics can share the information under this category.

  • Entrepreneurial news

    • Here you can share news related to entrepreneurship in the US. Things such as new tax laws, success or failure rates, launching of business programs and more. 

  • Small business/start-up resources

    • Under this category you could write about funding or training programs and how the business could get involved in it. Or maybe a list of your top 5 or 10 design platforms/services.

  • Marketing tips/tricks

    • Have marketing tricks up your sleeve? Share a few with the Array audience. This category is one of the most useful ways for a guest blogger to grab the attention of the entrepreneurs visiting.

  • Small Business Development/Education

    • Related to the marketing tips/tricks category you can share your tips here. This is also a great category to review a development/educational program for entrepreneurs. 


Additional categories are available for small businesses associating an article with their listing. This allows each small business to associate articles that are relevant to their business and knowledge base. Guest bloggers are not permitted to write in these categories, allowing our listed businesses to have maximum exposure.


What Articles Can Include;


  • Up to 4 Related Videos

  • Backlinks

  • Call to action

  • Relevant Photos


What Articles Cannot Include;


  • Hate speech

    • We want all users to feel and be welcome when searching, reading or sharing on Array so we use positive speech and will not approve any articles, listings, comments or reviews with hate speech. Even if you don’t like a specific service/product there’s a way to share that without being hateful. If you are unsure what we would consider hate speech please reach out to our support team at for clarity.

  • Profanity

    • No profanity of any sort will be approved. Videos linked will also be reviewed so be sure that nothing linked to your article contains profanity. 

  • Adult content

    • We are a family friendly company and site. Content that is meant for adult eyes only is not permitted and therefore will not be approved.

  • Solicitation of illegal products/services

    • Pretty simple, if it’s illegal it’s not going to be approved. If your content is promoting a product/service that product/service needs to be legal in the state which it is available. If it is not nationally legal the article must highlight the fact that the promoted product/service is only available in specific locations and where those locations are.

  • Broken links

    • Prior to approving a post we will verify that the links are working properly. Broken links will not be approved. Bloggers may remove the link all together or fix it to have the article approved.

  • Negative comments/reviews of Array, associates of Array or any businesses listed on Array

    • Articles are not a place for you to review a business that is listed on Array. Kindly leave a review for any positive/negative experiences you have with any small businesses listed via the reviews section under their listing. To leave a review for Array click here.

  • More than one link to your business

    • Articles should focus on teaching, building awareness or providing resources. Multiple links to the same website are prohibited.


How to post an Article;


There are two ways to post an article. Independently, as a guest blogger, or by associating your article with your small business listing. Please note only paid listings have the ability to associate an article.


Guest bloggers are individuals who don’t have a listing on Array or are writing an article that is not related to the category that their listing is associated with. Remember that guest bloggers may only post articles under the approved categories.


Bloggers who are associating their article with their listing can use the category that their business is of the approved guest blogging categories. The major difference here is the association with your listing. When you associate an article to your listing that article will show up on your business’s profile and your listing will show up on your article. This allows readers and visitors searching Array to find both your listing and your article easily while learning even more about your brand’s values and knowledge base.


What if my Article isn’t approved;


Unfortunately sometimes articles are not approved. An article may not be approved for a number of reasons. The most common being violation of the above rules, failure to follow the guidelines of posting here in this article is a guaranteed way to have your article denied. However if your article is too closely referenced or related to another article recently added to the site or is under 1,500 words it may result in denial. If your article is not approved for any reason you will be notified by a representative within 48 hrs. You will then be given the opportunity to either fix issues within the article so that it can be approved or to accept a refund if applicable. Our goal is to get as many articles approved as possible so our team is here to help you make any necessary changes.


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